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Jag är journalist, talareförfattare och Kinakännare. Efter över tio år som korre i Kina bor jag numera i Stockholm. Jag skriver återkommande främst för SvD Nyheter och SvD Kultur. Jag förekommer på Twitter @olawong men använder inte min Facebook längre, av orsaker jag förklarar i den här krönikanMin senaste bok Pekingsyndromet – Kina, Makten, Pengarna kom ut på Ordfront förlag 2014.  På denna blogg publicerar jag artiklar och krönikor. Det är dock långtifrån något fullständigt arkiv. Artiklarna har tidigare varit publicerad hos mina uppdragsgivare. Alla texter och bilder är upphovsrättskyddade. (Foto: Mads Nissen).


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Ola Wong, Swedish author and journalist. He has lived in Shanghai and Beijing for more than ten years as the China correspondent for Svenska Dagbladet and Sydsvenskan, two leading Swedish newspapers. He has received several awards for journalism, among them Sweden‘s most prestigious prize for Investigative Journalism The Golden Shovel in 2011. Mr Wong is the author of several critically acclaimed nonfiction books on China, most recently Pekingsyndromet: Kina, makten, pengarna 

(The Beijing Syndrome: China, the Power and the Money) Ordfront, 2014) The Beijing Syndrome is now part of the curriculum for the course "China today" at the University of Uppsala Chinese department. 

Excerpts from reviews:

“A must-read book (…) full of facts and entertainment (…) reading Wong’s excellent description of China is like watching a blind giant at play. At times people are lifted up, at times they are trampled into the mud. Sometimes hydroelectric dams, mega cities, high-speed railways are built. At times entire regions die out because of drought, land degradation and crop failure.” (Björn Gunnarsson, Göteborgsposten)

“Amongst the very best books you can read to gain full understanding of this country.” (Magnus Utvik, Swedish Television)

“An exciting and insightful journey, perfectly structured, interesting throughout. Wong is a journalist of today, continuously reporting, reasoning and commenting and his strength as an author is both his linguistic drive and his clear depiction of what is happening now and in the future.” (Lars Linder, Svenska Dagbladet)

“Solid knowledge and insight (…) This book is like a journalistic blood hound with all senses and historical associations sharpened which makes Ola Wong the very best reporter on China today.” (Göran Sommardahl, Swedish Radio)

Wong's first fiction book Red Herring (Blodröda Kräftor) was released in Sweden in October 2010.  Read more about it here.

Wong is frequently hired as a speaker and moderator, on topics such as Chinese politics, economy, foreign policy, society and about his literarary production. He is a regular expert commentator for Swedish radio and TV.

Ola Wong is represented by Leonhardt & Høier Literary Agency             (Foto: Urban Jörén)

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